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クロスフェードデモ//16:38//15.2 MB

TR01/ Introduction * Taishi

** [none (Face of Fact)]

TR02/ Face of Fact (zenith Edit) * Taishi

BALDR FORCE [Face of Fact]

TR03/ Flashbird * Thanatos

Air [鳥の詩]

TR04/ Doll * ziki_7

ウィズ アニバーサリィー [Magic Fight]

TR05/ zenith (Original Mix) * Taishi

** [none]

TR06/ Under the Moon (Nhato's Electrock Mix) * kyu

月姫 [月下]

TR07/ Rushing into the inner Space * Taishi

鬼哭街 [SupersonicShowdown]

TR08/ harvest * ziki_7

東方風神録 [稲田姫様に叱られるから]

TR09/ zenith (kyu Remix) * kyu

** [none]

TR10/ A Drawer of the Recollection * Taishi

モエかん [Tempest]

//Total 73:12 *
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